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Balinese Dances

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There are many kind of Balinese Dances.

Some of these which mostly perform in Peliatan are:

WALI : Sacred Dances

Rejang dance

Wali Dances

Sacred dances, danced at every temple ceremony, ritual dances, dedicated to the god. Mostly perform in the main area of the temple (Jeroan)

Tari Rejang, Tari Baris, Tari Pendet, Barong, Tari SangHyang, e.t.c…

more kind of WALI dance

BEBALI : Sacred Dances (Drama)

lambang sari
Topeng dance

Bebali Dances

Semi ritual dances, its function can be as a ritual dances, or also can be as a dance for entertainment.

Tari Topeng, Drama Tari Gambuh, Wayang Wong, e.t.c…

more kind of BEBALI dance

BALIH-BALIHAN : Balinese Dance & Drama

Pendet dance

Balih-Balihan Dances

Dances for entertainment, its function is to entertain the audiences. If in the temple, most of these dances perform in a stage (wantilan), outsider area of the temple (Jaba).

Tari Penyambutan, Legong Dance, Tari Kekebyaran, e.t.c…

more kind of BALIH-BALIHAN dance

Photo © mayumi inouye


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